SunMoon Avocado Plane

From its first chartered flight of avocados from Mexico to China in April 2018, SunMoon Food Company (SunMoon) now supplies about one out of three Mexican avocados in China.

Sale of avocados to China now contributes about 24% of SunMoon’s total revenue in FY18, ringing up S$10.4 mil, out of the total S$10.6mil, of avocado sales for SunMoon.

First to Introduce Avocado Ripening Technology in China

The successful performance of SunMoon avocados in China is due to SunMoon being the pioneering company to import green avocados via direct charter flights in China and ripening them upon arrival, making the fruit more palatable to Chinese consumers who are used to buying ready-to-eat fruits.

Direct Charter Flight of Avocados to China 

To meet growing demand, SunMoon now directly charters planes for its avocados to China. While being costlier than traditional transportation methods, the direct air freight results in better control of the ripeness and quality of avocados during the “Old Crop” stage of avocado production, the most difficult stage of operation during the year.

“Old Crop” avocados are considered to have the best taste, but due to the high “Dry Matter” content and natural maturity, it is difficult to control the ripeness if traditional transportation methods were to be used. Normal flights typically take three to five days and sea freight shipments take even longer.

With the direct charter flights, SunMoon avocados can go from Mexican farms to the Chinese market in as fast as 25 hours, significantly reducing the time avocados take to reach Chinese consumers.

The higher-cost direct charter method enables SunMoon to deliver quality fresh avocados during this season, further strengthening its performance in the Chinese market. 

Greater reach to Chinese consumer with Yiguo retail channels

Widely considered one of SunMoon’s star products in China, SunMoon avocados are now available at China Alibaba’s TMall Supermarket,, and Suning Fresh, in four pack and nine pack bundles.

TMall Supermarket Fresh is China’s biggest fresh produce e-commerce platform. SunMoon was recognized as a Well-Known Brand and received the Best Partner Award under the TMall Fresh category during the TMall 2018 Chinese Dining Table Celebration. The awards are a recognition of SunMoon’s close cooperation with TMall and YiGuo.

SunMoon has rejuvenated the demand for avocados in China and in turn, boosted its bottom line.

Lee Hui Min is the marketing executive of SunMoon Food. 

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