SunMoon Food rides on Alibaba 11.11 Single’s Day, the biggest shopping festival of the year in China, with its ever-popular SunMoon avocados and SunMoon Frozen Durian retailing on the e-commerce giant’s platforms TMall Fresh and Yiguo. During the Single’s Day 24-hour online retail mania this year, Alibaba Group cashed a record 213.5 billion yuan (US$30.70 billion).

SunMoon Food Executive Vice Chairman Gary Loh working together with ExFresh CEO Marco Zhang on 11.11 to deliver SunMoon products to our Chinese consumers.

SunMoon Premium Frozen Monthong at one of ExFresh’s 24 cold chain warehouses.

SunMoon Fresh Avocados being handled at the ExFresh facility. Read more about our avocados in China here.

ExFresh team preparing for Single’s Day Frenzy.

One of China’s largest cold-chain logistics platform, ExFresh has an end-to-end network consisting of 24 warehouses in 15 locations across China. ExFresh handles up to 1.8 million orders daily, making ExFresh China’s most productive supplier.

SunMoon is proud to work with ExFresh to deliver our quality, natural premium products to the Chinese market, and reach out to 900 million consumers in 400 cities in China.

HuiMin is a marketing executive at SunMoon Food. 

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