With the growing global appetite for tropical fruits such as durians and coconuts, SunMoon Food is expanding its presence to new and existing markets with its tropical fruit product offerings, such as its premium frozen durian and fresh young Thai coconuts.

Durians to China

Durian lovers in China now have access to more varieties of Malaysian durians, thanks to SunMoon’s frozen durian offerings. To meet China’s growing appetite for durians, SunMoon introduced the Malaysian D101 variety to the Chinese market this past September.

The D101 is a sweet durian with soft texture and flesh; its creaminess is appealing to consumers with a penchant for sweet durians. The new Malaysian range is in addition to SunMoon’s Frozen Monthong Durian that started retailing through YiGuo and Tmall last year.

Growing Chinese Demand For Durians

In the last few years, durians from Malaysia have been growing in popularity among Chinese consumers who look for a more intense flavour versus the milder taste of the traditionally popular Monthong variety, one of the top Thai fruit exports to China.

Demand for durians in China is high, with premium durians priced more than S$101 per kg there. Over the last decade, China’s imports of durians have tripled from 2007 to almost 300,000 tonnes last year, according to Commodity Trade data from the UN.

Although Malaysia exports mainly to Singapore, growing Chinese demand could see the spiky fruit diverting north next year. Due to food safety, fresh whole durians can’t be imported into China, but is allowed in frozen form. Before China gets Malaysia’s fresh durians then, SunMoon’s frozen and vacuum-wrapped D101 is meeting demand for variety, taste and quality.

SunMoon is also intending to introduce more frozen varieties of Malaysian Durians, including premium varieties such Mao Shan Wang, in upcoming months. By expanding its range of Frozen Durians, SunMoon continues capitalising on such market trends.

Fresh Young Coconuts to Spain

The other tropical fruit that SunMoon is finding a market for is fresh young coconuts from Thailand. SunMoon has successfully entered the Spanish market with its first batch of fresh Thai coconuts starting mid-October.

Growing European Demand For Coconut Water
There is growing demand for coconuts in Europe with the coconut water market expected to grow at a CAGR of 25.03% during the period 2017-2021 (Source: ResearchandMarkets.com). Apart from being a refreshing beverage, coconut water is growing in popularity among European consumers as it is a natural isotonic drink with health benefits such as promoting digestion and antioxidant.

SunMoon Fresh Young Coconuts are also well-known in international markets – retailing in Australia, China and Singapore.

With its strong positioning in tropical fruits, SunMoon is well-positioned to seize new market opportunities.

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